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Welcome to "Smart and Easy Health" by Dr Damien Hansra MD & Diana Lemos

The best doctors master their field then go beyond the things they learn in medical school to help others. This is achieved by carefully listening to patients' needs, learning to care for the entire patient rather than a specific disease, and researching new ideas. 

I graduated at the top of the class with an award in my hematology and oncology fellowship at the University of Miami, Miami, Florida and I am triple board certified in internal medicine, oncology, and hematology. Also, I was named one of Miami's top oncologists and I am recognized as one of the world's leading physicians. I have over 50 publications and numerous national scientific meeting presentations with many projects pertaining to nutrition and obesity. Currently I work at a nationally recognized cancer center as a hematologist, oncologist, and researcher.

Throughout the years me and my wife Diana have been extensively studying nutrition, exercise, and weight loss techniques for ourselves, family, friends, & patients and we want to share this information with a broader audience. 

In addition to being a nurse, Diana has been tasked with the extra tough duty of cooking for our two little sons who are incredibly picky eaters. Cooking healthy for little kids is really tough and she has mastered clever ways to sneak nutritious foods unknowingly into their diets. Parents: we will show you how!

It doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Optimal health can be attained through gradual lifestyle changes that incorporates small everyday changes. When trying to balance life, work, & kids nobody has time for complicated health solutions! At #smartandeasyhealth we will share with you things we do for ourselves.

We need to move beyond what we were taught about nutrition as the science and research has improved to now identify foods that with potential benefits and desirable effects on the human body. We need to change the paradigm of simply getting enough nutrients to meet the basic requirements of the individual to a paradigm of eating and living to achieve optimal health.

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