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Trying to lose weight? Get started with this small adjustment

While spending more time at home social distancing many of us have complained of increased weight gain. A major factor is unhealthy snacking. It's easy to go for a bag of chips, cookies, or other high calorie foods while at home in close proximity to our kitchens. We've all been under more stress for a variety of reasons and this makes us want to consume more calorie rich foods as a compensation mechanism. Instead, try developing healthy snacking habits to curb weight gain during difficult times.

Fruit is an excellent low calorie snack packed with health benefits. Most people enjoy fruit when it is cut, peeled, or sliced prior to serving. For some it's hard to eat fruit in the natural state. We've all been in the following situation of shopping at the grocery store saying to ourselves: " OK I'm gonna start eating healthier today!" and we pick up a big bag of apples, oranges, etc...and then that same bag just sits on the counter until it gets moldy then we throw it away! We are conditioned to eat things in packages, ready to eat, or food with pleasant appearances. One easy tool you can use to increase your odds of eating healthy is a fruit slicer.

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